Gioia Zincone's Story

Sample Student Work

In an age where digital media is increasingly relevant and necessary in learning environments, it is important that factual and curated educational resources are accessible for educators and students. Three-dimensional simulations that can be utilized with virtual reality technology are a strong and quickly developing method of teaching astrophysical topics. These models are accurate, interactive, and captivating tools that can aid in student engagement and comprehension beyond the limits of traditional two-dimensional illustrations. The creation of a storyboard is an essential first step in the process of simulation development and such templates are a means of ensuring that the production of these models can be streamlined and reflective of relevant learning objectives. The procedure for this includes research of the particular topic, designing scenes that portray the necessary information, and collaborating with educators and simulation builders to ensure accuracy and optimization. Our goal for this project was to design a preliminary storyboard that explains the concept of seasons and seasonal constellations. This initial outline will be used as the basis for simulation creation going forward and will also act as the precedent for similar projects in the future. The procedure, methods, and development progress updates are collected within a GitHub repository and serve as an important resource for current and future research assistants. On a long-term scale, the animatic form of this storyboard will be an important tool for connecting with educators who aim to use the simulation in the classroom, as it illustrates the content and purpose in an accelerated and efficient manner.

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